Monday, 17 October 2011

Jewelry Crane

Swanky Hangman: a portable support for the hanging jewelry case I posted previously.

Made of silver, it screws on to any 1.5litre evian bottle, using the weight of the water to remain stable.

It is thin, 1mm throughout the arch, and gently distorts as the jewelry case swings.

The fins joining the arch to the bottle top, and the bar at the base of each side of the arch, restrain it just enough that it flexes, but is secure.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Complex 2: Peripaterium

A precinct is marked out. With the cleanliness of a pilgrimage without purpose there is the walk, the infinite repetition of a basic movement that frees the mind from its quotidian subjection to the body. Thinking, the destination doesn't matter, the place is neither here nor there, just limpid ghosts, half remembered forms where you begin again, physical commas that punctuate an internal scrutiny whose rhythm is that of a hundred thousand treads. The lost anchorite searching for something, peeling away illusions, digging underneath appearances in a mental archaeology of sentiments, each wandering step sounding sharply out as it ricochets between panels and niches, orderly, decorous and resigned, reconciled both to the absolute need  for the endless march, and its timeless futility.