Sunday, 11 October 2009

"Cine-Doche" AAIS Hooke Park Goodbye Film

The final trip (the first without external commitments) of the AAIS group was to Hooke Park, a forest in Dorset owned by the AA, where we inflated our pavilion and spent a couple of days writing, filming, eating and drinking.
This is the outcome, a goodbye to the pavilion (which we designed and worked with for so many months), to the Bauhaus (which we both collaborated with, and studied), and to the AAIS (for which we were the test Bunnies).
Made with Catharine Patha, Kate Mactiernan, Parastoo Anoushehpour, and Takako Hasegawa.

And a big thankyou to the bemused but ever-helpful Jean-Francois.

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