Friday, 26 February 2010

Barbican Film

Below is part of a film about, and starring, the Barbican called "Degrees Of Enclosure". It was created by the Artist Ilona Sagar, with text written by me, read by Joel Sams, and with performances by the dancers Georgina Hay, Aneta Hymka, Elizabeth Streeter, Elaine Thomas.

The film was exhibited at the event Architectural Playgrounds, at the Barbican Galleries, and will be shown again at the Design vs Art evening on the 29th April.
For more details about how the project germinated and developed, as well as a full copy of the text, please see this post over on TextBin.


  1. I liked the film, but I wish that it was half as long, and filmed differently. It could be framed differently: in a simple way, like 'this is the place', as opposed to 'this is a camera framing a concrete column'. And if the means allowed, I think that camera movement (on wheels, on tracks, on a boom...) would do a great deal to support the idea that the building is a choreography.

    Have you seen the architecture documentaries by Stan Neumann and Richard Copans, produced by Arte France? I quite like their tone; I find that they do not seek to mythify the building through the camera or the narration; they simply present the building as a very attentive viewer might see it. And consequently, the actual aura of the building becomes visible.