Thursday, 12 March 2009

One Way To Look At Capri

This is the short film I made as a response to a week and a half visit to the island of Capri in the bay of naples. I felt that its strength as a circumscribed unit was immense. The conveyance of its many particularly singular historic moments, geographical delights, architectural relics and present comfortable, but ever allusive atmosphere was constant and thorough; whether through the numerous architectural details or the incessant spiel of the locals, Capri expressed itself constantly and clearly as a discernable atmosphere, historical ecology, and object...

This had all culminated in a two day search (and then a day filming, of which footage I only used about 10seconds!) for the place from where all the hotels and holiday homes bought their fake godesses, Marys, Tiberiuses, doric and ionic columns. It was a large, intriguing place on the road from Anacapri to the lighthouse on the eastern end of the island, and just packed full of all the items which the island itself, by 2007, was totally packed full of -and builders were busily loading more and more of the stuff on the backs of their little specially altered piaggio-cum-trucks, to take away and fill the tiny island even more.

This film was incorporated into Objectification later on.

a diagram:

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