Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Recollections From Within The Crowd

A little story adapted from Character I and Character II over on LifeBin
This is the final version of this edit with one narrator:

This is the film undoubled (original cut). The final edit will come at some point in the next couple of months and will ideally have me as three separate narrators in the screen, each telling a different story, and overlapping each other in the way the the same image overlaps itself in this version. The sound will switch from one narrator to the next leaving the last silent speaker gesticulating together with the next to speak in what will hopefully be a visual display that jars slightly with what is being said, but not to the point of rendering it incomprehensible, while adding an atmosphere which alludes to the point of the work: namely the layering of a space with multiple viewpoints/subjective perspectives.

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