Monday, 25 May 2009

"Salon" Exhibition

photos by Takako Hasegawa

I had the honour of organising this exhibition of 'works in progress' at the AA for its Inter Professional Studio (a studio set up to bring professionals from outside of architecture into the aa to experiment). It runs through the month of may and the space has been designed to be used for a programme of events which included a wonderful theatre performance (Erin and Florian) by Vier Theatre on the 21st; a series of 3 conversations about collaboration (Catharine Patha) on the 19th, 26th, and the 27th, with guests including Hans Ulrich Obrist, Richard Wentworth and Gavin Turk; a symposium of the AA's Interprofessional studio and the works in progress which are exhibited in the Salon; and a lecture and workshop by Canadian artist Emma Waltraud Howes.

Emma Waltraud-Howes talking about the development of her work over the past three years

The poster for "Erin and Florian"

Erin and Florian being performed

The exhibition was organised as a decorative ensemble of images hung in a relaxed fashion on walls which were painted a warm grey-red. Explanations of individual works were available as tear-off sheets hung near the works, but the main intention was to create an atmosphere composed of our works, rather than organise the room as a descriptive exhibit. The centre of the room is taken up by a large table (used as a round-table in the conversations) composed of seven smaller tables which can be sperated to take out of the room, in the case of Erin and Florian, or broken up and used as stands for drinks and canapes.

Laura Boffi
Will Martyr
Adam Nathaniel Furman
Catharine Patha
Takako Hasegawa
Heather Lyons
Jan Brueggermeier
Parastoo Anoushehpour
Kate Mactiernan

The opening party:

The tables:

These were designed and made by me and Kate Mactiernan (pictured above).
Curtains by Laura Boffi:
models of the AAIS pavilion in Germany:

avi corner:

Hans Ulrich Obrist discussing Failed Collaborations with Mark Cousins

Brett Steele talking about the AA's programme of diversified forums for discussion, and Mike Weinstock across the table.

Dr Ken Arnold (Director of Public Programmes at the Wellcome Collection), and David Cotterell discussing the remarkable work David produced for the Wellcome Collection

Richard Wentworth and Kit Grover talking about their experiences of working together

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