Saturday, 11 July 2009

DomestiCITY: AA Summer School Unit 1 Introduction

This is the Presentation that Marie Isabel de Monseignat and I will be making day after tomorrow to the AA's Summer School's students, hoping that it will be interesting enough for them to choose.
Bring on the Domestic-in-the-City!

Naughty Gordon...

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  1. Another successful, accomplished piece, witty, stylish and beautifully edited. Emma Waltraud Howes must be delighted with the influence she has had on you, and I must say I found her inspirational too.

    You have presented interesting topics - those of worst-case-scenario economic paranoia, the dick-swinging impotence of political leaders and the enforced use of negative urban space, with pleasing satire, whilst entertaining and informing simply and coolly. I've no doubt you will make a fine tutor.