Sunday, 2 August 2009

DomestiCity: Conclusion of Unit1

Unit 1 of the 2009 Summer School concluded with one film, presented while the students sat on a long table in front of the audience, drawing in the light of the projection above them, a final concluding storyboard/mindmap of their experience, which, as the film finished was presented to the jurors sitting directly in front of the table.

the students drawing during the screening of the film, which was projected just over their heads.

Part 1 of the Film:

Part 2 of the Film:

The storyboard

They worked in three separate teams filming and editing footage, while one member of each team represented the rest in daily meetings in which the overall narrative was gradually worked out, which then defined further work in image drawing, animation making, and sound editing for each of the teams.

Heres a little, silly, "outtake film"

Thank you especially to Peter Carl and Catharine Patha for your interest in the work and your insightful comments as the students presented for the last time, and, of course, thank you students:

Nathaniel Bengio
Alicja Chola
Noa Gonzales
Rachel Delargy
Cecilia Hui
Maria Koufalioti
Jan Ledwon
Vanessa Mitrapanou
Lap Fat (Morris) Ngai
Sandy Stuchfield
Chun Ping Yip
Taylor Zhou
Daria Tarawneh

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  1. I really enjoy watching the film DomestiCity. An extreme scenario occurs as a result of the continual operation of a city's legislation that initially had aimed to protect its urban environment yet in actual fact ends up producing a completely different type of urban environment and co-habitation. As a speculation it is relevant and also the individual local strategies that are proposed (ways of producing food) are imaginative but also practical. The inhabitants actually have a certain level of pragmatism, collectivism and cooperation that paints a very particular view of the city.