Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Chinese Whispers Drawing

A student from Central Saint Martins' MA course "Creative Practices for Narrative Environments" sent me a package with two pieces of folded A2 paper, three pens, and a little instructions slip (above). One person had to draw on a third of one of the pages, then jot down any relevant notes or sketches on the second; the package was then to be given to another person to do the same, and then onto a third who would complete the two pages and send the pack back to the original sender.

I eventually ended up with the drawing pictured above (and detailed below), of a potentially extensive series of collected elements that relate to a particular mixture of memories -specifically those related to forms, surfaces and objects- which for me define a rather fondly recalled summer, long since past. A summer that looms larger the further away I get from it, and whose constituent buildings and experiences become proportionately more potent, and full of longing as they retreat from the lacklustre present.

Below is a photo of the 'notes page' on which I made a remark about the desire to reaffirm the instinctive pre-training judgement of the unburdened eye, and drew a quick sketch before embarking on the main drawing.

The pack was then given to Marcel Rahm, Director of the fantabulous Milk Studio Architects, who you can see busily drawing away in the photo below.

I look forward to seeing the results.


  1. Why it is called Chinese whisper...:p
    Sorry I am chinese but don't know why/
    Anyway a interesting piece.

  2. You should just say wiki it..:p
    Btw...wooo now I know what it is. Still this is the first time I have seen played Chinese whisper in this way.