Saturday, 17 April 2010

Two Follies

Two small silver objects, one with gold-plating to its upper interior, from a range that includes this castle-bridge-ring, and an indefinite number of other potential variations.

They were both made from hand-carved wax using lost-wax casting

and are intended to multiply, populating the nooks and crannies of a home

turning its bookshelves, wainscotting, treads and cupboard-tops into a Penguin paperback and Ikea flatpack

interior romantic garden, through which eyes tired from the strain of the computer screen can go for jaunty mid-afternoon saunters, wandering over worktops, and between lampshades, occasionaly taking refuge under the light whimsy of a minute folly.


  1. Really nice! Are you taking a course in goldsmithery? I'd love to take a course in casting aluminium, personally.

  2. Really cute pieces. My bookshelf left no space for them at all. Love them though

  3. I believe you got a lots cool stuffs there...btw my bf is an artist he wanna open his own website. I send your sites to him have a look.